Why should you use Billbeez?

Better Control

All your clients' invoices online, giving a real-time overview of financials with alerts for missing and unpaid bills.

Time Saving

Quickly locate invoices, making it easier for your client to pay bills. Less emails, less phone calls - everyone views the same data.

Improved Engagement

Get a competitive edge by empowering your clients with more control and a deep understanding of their finances.

Effective solutions for your business


Full overview of your client’s business financials

Effective solutions for your business


Full overview of your client’s business financials

Unpaid Bills

All your clients' unpaid bills in one centrally-managed place, making it easier to track and pay bills

Missing Invoices Alerts

Automatic alerts for missing invoices, enabling easy tracking and keeping your clients on top of their finances


Extract any data from the system, export data to Excel and invoices to PDF. Filter invoices by upload date, amount, due date and more

Effective solutions for your business


Billbeez makes it easy to understand your monthly expenses, with all your main suppliers in one place, and only one click needed to view any invoice


Easily export your expenses and unpaid bills to Excel or PDF. Your bookkeeper or CFO can access relevant reports remotely for faster communication

Weekly Updates

Receive alerts for unpaid or missing supplier bills so you don’t miss a payment or double pay a supplier

Monthly Overview

Get important, easy-to-understand info on a monthly basis, with an expense overview, month-to-month comparison, and a forecast for next month/quarter


Simple payment approval process using Billbeez solution

What our clients say

About Us

Billbeez was founded by accountants and tech professionals together with consultants from companies like Intuit and PayPal.
Our number one goal is to automate and simplify the day-to-day financial operations of small businesses.


We take your financial security very seriously, and adhere to the highest
industry standards regarding data security and fraud protection.

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